Friday, 24 July 2015

I'm back! Fatted calf et al.

Category: [Any other business?]

Having taken a rather long hiatus, I'm now (hopefully) returning to publishing a little more regularly. To give this blog a little more structure, I'm going to introduce categories and try to write weekly posts based on these themes.

Damned Lies and Statistics- I'm undertaking a course in statistics so this series will revolve around the use and misuse of statistics because I know that absolutely everyone finds data talk titillating. (I'd like to  explore YOUR Critical Region, etc etc.) There will be filth, fury and frequency analysis.

Dirty Words - Exploring the problematic ways that we deploy language.

Shake that De-bunk-a-bunk- Deconstructing popular myths and legends in time to a sick beat.

In the eyes of the beer-holder- Reviews and arts stuff. In unrelated news, I'm still awful at puns.

'Sincerity in every pore' 


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